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permit so that the whereabouts of all tuberculous patients should

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missed December 17, much stronger and with little cough, the breath

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lief of exophthalmic goitre. Matti'^^ in one hundred and thirty-three

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here indicated, the compilation of which would have placed too

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injections of serum is emphasized. If this rule is not followed severe

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the weak points of the minds of other men, by means of which, individu-

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These, however, though numerous, are not innumerable ; and hence

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relationship between patient and physician is often of the closest,

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the city of Quebec in June of this year. The exact dates

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opening, further observation must decide. He adds, ** it is evident

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also, in women, it is natiu-ally weak and sometimes absent.

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and this is certainly confirmed by our own analyses. In fact, the

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meaning as to the power of the mind over the body — a real thing

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break through the weak points in his defence, burden him with

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vaccine us used in this opidrmic of so-c^nliod iufluoriza. Hactorio-

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The Johns Hopkins Hospital Reports. Volume XVIII, Fas-

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arsenic, and by the addition of sugar to the diet in considerable

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Lectures.— The Annual Course of Lectures for the session of I84I-3, will commence on the firat

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8entative>!, who assure the department of health that equivalent

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the . ganglionary mfluence, will, according to the predisposition of

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effort in the right direction and has the endorsement of everyone

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and fallopian tubes were wanting, and the vagina consisted in a cul de

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mations are always secondary and, as metastases of every kind are

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the specific gravity during the twenty-four hours. In health this

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on such modern problems as the inter-relation of the surviving

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form. Thus, under repeated blood-lettings, the quantity of fibrin will of-

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nary typhoid periostitis the spondylitis rarely (if ever) goes on to

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