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let it be said to the everlasting credit of the labourer and worker
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inflammation. This was most pronounced in the Uver which was
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where symptoms are associated with the presence of ticks, should
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On post-mortem examination, an unidentified type of granuloma
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the examiners. An examiner needs the following qualifications:
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of the straps, it became necessary to re-apply them every other day.
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this theory are quite too long for analysis. He conceives that it
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expense of the other parts. Thus conceived, we must admit the
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remedy at Guy's hospital, more extensive indeed than have ever been
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Kemptville. Papers and short addresses were given by medical
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VALLEY MEDICAL SOCIETY:— Presidenl-Dr. M. E. Armstrong, Bridgeiown.
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we have the weight of the globules contained in the clot.
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McCullough, and Fletcher McPhedran, of Toronto; Dr. James
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during the progress of labor. We are not prepared to say that such cases
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sjTnptoms were at once relieved and she made, with her child, an
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Dr. Reeve, one of the best known characters in the ranks
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at the present time, and it is essential that people should protect
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with re-action. 7th. Local inflammation^ terminating in elusion or
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vocational training was introduced in the sanatoria, it was diffi-
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The bacilloid bodies are called Bacterium pneumosintes (<tivtt)s, injurer or
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fully the trend of public opinion, and be prepared to assist in the di-
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matter, presenting upon its very surface some traces of vascularity,
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and are sensible of the scrutiny to which conclusions, ba^ed to a
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Maj<ir Heiuy IJarrett, Major Alva Chapma^i, Major Artliur Jones,
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evidence tallied with t lie clinical experience that the infectiousness of
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uine article. The business of adulterating medicines, whether by
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days, still at the breast, and in appearance very plump and healthy.
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that fluid ? We have no reason to think that it is pus, having no
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demanding, and rightly too, better housing conditions, better
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tion was done, the patient being in seemingly good condition, there
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are, in addition to post-mortem clots, yellowish grey clots adherent
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work imder the department created this session with Hon. A. G.
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Infantry at Secunderabad. With this regiment he went through
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lung resonance throughout; auscultation, normal chest. Cardio-
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Before 1914, the schools, which attracted us more expecially,

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