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Between February 1916 and September 1920, the Serum Institute in

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In a g(Mi('ral way, I have been surprised at the excellent

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in 1918 advanced to 440 (up to October 31st). In 1911 the citizens

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the affairs of the city and his disinterestedness and devotion to

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tempts to imitate, in the way of mockery, those who squint — ^These

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This series for nurses has been carefully planned, and the

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affect chiefly the anterior lobe, the hyperglycsemia mentioned will

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*I am in the unfortunate ponition of being unable to quote my authorities as the

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friendliness, indeed, they frequently pretend the other way and no

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1. The heart may make supreme efforts to empty its chambers,

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I call the "diagnastic sheet, which it is the special duty of another

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dollar. This will allow the fight against tuberculosis to be pursued

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tm-ned out to be the case; practically, the only criticism of the bill

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have had many examples of infections due to other organisms and

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Writers differ widely m their estimation of the part played by

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tention from medical experts, and that the social ostracism

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