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best of each one. The perfection of the present organization is

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seventeen in number, were subjected to the line of treatment to


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shame) read the Sermons from which Dr. P. quotes. The ideas which I

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An excellent case is made out for radium treatment by Dr. W. H.

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deformities, are not going to be benefitted by operative m.easures

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called for. The defl's. continued obstinate, high words ensued, and

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first pregnancy pass through acute toxaemia often escape ia later

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Royal Victoria Hospital, having been a very active member of the


maining food cases, thirteen were sensitive to egg, five to casein,

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that the returns for the first half of 1918 are regarded as constituting

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and mucus per diem. He had considerable suffering still ab3Ut the


in reporting their cases, because they allesKvi that other ph>~siciaiks

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$3,274.88, leaving a balance of $310.30. In the training school,

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urgent symptoms have passed, it may be cautiously tried, and in

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an ultimate population of about thirty thousand people, is now

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an antiseptic to do these things. Rather, he would provide

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a superficial source, are much more extensively diffused, and are almost

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the New St. Dunstan's in recognition of the splendid work

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hjrperthyroidism, we shall not attempt to discuss in this preliminary

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« 1st. The production el a second artificial chancre increases the chance

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But we are not a logical people, and the probabiUties are that

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nodding in the mellow sunshine. He finds highly organized hfe

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General, Special, and Surgical Anatomy, by James McCUntock, M. D.

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discuss this matter in further detail at present. It is clear, how-

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New Zealanders and Americans are here closely associated in one

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