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Jfomed.— At Washington, Dr. T. Beatty, of New Orleans, to Mrs. EU
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Finally, the dried clot should be weighed : the quantity of water it con-
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ered with a thin, firm mattrass or other like bedding, the patient is to be
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called cystitis. It is not intended to suggest that infection of the
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right side of the tongue, where it lay up against the last molar
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on a patient from the Mowat Sanatorium. It consisted of first,
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cells in the effusions is that the period of the predominance of this
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with their address written upon it. Those who do not will be considered
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2nd vice-president, IMajor Gray, of New Westminster; secretary,
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similar fluid to that in the abdomen, was contained in its cavity. The
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benefit of the family before the desires and comfort of the indi-
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2. Apart from the cases showing active tuberculosis, a still
New Brunswick — G. G. Melvin, St. John; G. C. Van Wart, Fredericton.
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will be under the general supervision and management of the
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my next I will* treat of the reproduction of the flat bones, and par-
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officers reported one hundred and seventy-eight cases, a
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of Public Health, the Deputy Minister to be the Chairman;
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By-laws of the Association and shall present a report at each annual
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Mehan, Ernest Fielen Nivin, John V. Wilhams, M.C., William
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patients to avail themselves of the influence of a change of air.
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this, gradually and steadily, and stays at the normal until the
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were brought up and his condition became very critical. His
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dy, and communicate the result through the Gazette. Allow me
case could I detect any trouble, chnical, functional or chemical.
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until recent years and was an active educational worker and a
He had a brilliant futiu-e as a surgeon. His attitude towards

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