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are commonly found on routine inspection in the army. Such cases
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are much better to-day. Instruction coming in one way or another,
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neoplasm, and trauma. In these instances it is dependent upon aspiration —
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was a combination of the two; that is, a broncho-pneumonia on
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susceptible, with a nervous systenri by nature or art greatly under
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The legacy that Manitoba has been left in this con-
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beat anywhere from sixty to three hundred times a minute and the
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in the history of ( 'anada, one replete with interest and full of pro-
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menced several weeks or^months before the occurrence of the perforation.
schools and parish halls. I say this in full knowledge of the fact
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The real business man will be the one who wll find the necessary
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not read the annals of surgery aright. Does not Dr. Watson know that
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Field Ambulance, and was transferred to the 5th. He won the
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processes, the one breaking down carbohydrates into acid end-
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It wa« easy to have positive facts on account of the presence, at
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is located in a residential section of the town it has been carried on
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the purpose of establishing a claim to distinction, or to entice students
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know the places where the nmsances exist, and it is for that purpose
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and maimed, the decrepit and mentally affected. Everyone recog-
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it possible for us to carry out the tubercuhn test in 300 cases (200
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On his return, he found new and wearying tasks thrust upon
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phase of the medical development of the war. In all previous
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cartilage, and the fibro-cartilage the callus. Besides as to the main
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plan will, of course, only apply to luxations backwards and upwards on

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