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Mos*^ of the convoys arrived at night with the men hungry,

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tensive \'ascular thrombi, consisted in ante-mortem greyish-yellow

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along the broad outlines necessary if it were not to be just

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the membranes gave way, and the child was born alive. Would it not

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book, he will be sure to laugh at you, and unless he is very good-natured

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LONDON MEDICAL ASSOCIATION:— President— Dr. E. Spence. Secretary-

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since the institution was opened, and the number of patients now under charge warrants them in the

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employed as Officer in Charge of Medicine, Ste. Anne dc Bellevue

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easily removed. No unpleasant accident followed, and the patient re-

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though most common near the external orifice of the nostril> at or below

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attached to the callus." These are the two fundamental proposi-

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briefly, it can nevertheless be said that the work gives a very good

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have deprived him of the opportunity for expending muscular

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other extremity, covered with gutta-percha, was destined to pene-

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action. Dark field examination is a simple method which should

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subjects; one in materia medica; two in chemistry; four in pharmacy:

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Among roughly three thousand ophthalmic cases admitted to

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trained at the London Hospital, where he was twice elected House

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