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knowk-dge of the natural sciences, it is not uninteresting to read

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from general use should be cancelled in Canada, as it had been in

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He begs leave to call the attention of the profession to an instmiaent recently indented fbr Intro*

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Reference to these tables will show that the change in the

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must he said of the estimate that oversix per (UMit. of the poi)uiation

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had been treated with subminimal stimuli. They could also find no apparent

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or restricted movement of joints, destruction and sclerosis of

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age of eighty-two. He was very well known and esteemed both


First, It is scarcely possible to be too careful, when, in medical

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mate the strength, scope and readiness of various results of the

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asthma, or nocturnal dyspnoea. Like angina pectoris, it is seen

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eye which, in the northern countries, has with good light a vision

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charge. The child itself was a well developed, healthy, and well

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After a number of trials, the following method of admission

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With a well organized profession we can deal better \ith the

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Abdominal actinomycosis produces about twenty per cent, of

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The most generally accepted theory of the monstrosity is.

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Clinical Medicine for Nurses. By Paul H. Ringer, A.B.,

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take copaiba, coagulates by nitric acid. Cubebs does the same. The

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From a northern city one commissioner reports as already noted,

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give some aid. At present, with the idea that hospitals are places

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of tuberculous origin the poljTnorphonuclears may be the only cells

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were almost invariably infected previous to enUstment. Many of

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In addition to these we have, however, the second group.

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directly dmonwards ; if this fail, weights may be attached to the limb, a

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occupied. The staff of the ho.spital includes about one hundred

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are patients who symptomatically might be considered as having

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ments the most remarkable developments have taken place, de-

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their respective boards and the lady superintendents. Mr. John

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as is done el.M-where, a tax in the shape of a stamp is made on each

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though conforming largely to the ulcerative type of the disease,

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Operation as soon as convenient is the rule, but streptococcal cases

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journals are taking sides, and the thing seems likely to eventuate in a very

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the germs, and their poisons. The material is sprinkled on lint

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Remarks, — There are two or three points about this case to

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severely wounded at Ypres in April, 1915. He transferred to the

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