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We should be very glad to see the example set at Guy's, followed by
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the life and work of Paracelsus. And from this time on there was
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glucose tolerance test, not only bj' excreting sugar in the urine, but
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R^n^-Th^ophile-Hyacinthe Laennec was bom on the 17th of February,
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recognize the more obvious cases, which are those really dangerous
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June of last year. The paper of Dr. Richards, which is to follow,
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questra, and shrapnel dust still present." It was not thought
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Complains of rupture, pain, and mass in right groin.
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Price, Ethel G. Saunders, AUce M. Stewart, Mary Catharine
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circular canals can have moulded the same bone, or impressed upon
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tions. Price $2.00. PubUshers: J. B. Lippincott Company,
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one in arts. After graduation he went to Bradford where he
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"Clearing" hospitals, admitting and evacuating patients as quickly
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TpHE army life in the case of the majority of medical officers
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then come to pa.'^s that before creating laws that depend essentially
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conditions, can be applied to treatment with the happiest results.
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ovserseas service, began June 16th, and are to continue for a period
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in Sapper C.'s case, found a stocking ansesthesia, which certainly
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uniting all charitable organizations in one federation and carrying
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pericarditis, endocarditis and carditis to metastasis, a doctrine applicable
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stowed upon them so great, that almost every thing of any importance
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rendering valuable assistance to the work in France, has been
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•ntitlet the student to the use of^the College Library. Graduation fee $»,0(k
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speaking, more honoured in the breach than in the observance. Can
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or not her diabetes is under control because of foetal hormones,
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Balfour^ says that the patients' verdict should be taken, although
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ways. liut proficiency in the basic methods of exploration which
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Belknap, in his history of New Hampshire, states, that in that
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heart begins to suffer with the other organs and a vicious circle is
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accompanying thyroidectomy, have been performed by Garre'',

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