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best blood of the nation irrespective of wealth and influence. Here,

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HAMILTON MEDICAL SOCIETY :— President— Dr. R. Y. Parry. Correspond-

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c.c. serum injected, slightly improved. May 28th, 15 c.c. serum

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are torn as the lung contracts and baciUi are hberated from the

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found that as a child the patient was in frequent or prolonged

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of the Ontario College of Pharmacy for the next two years. The

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and took notes of 15,000 out cases, which he then attended. In 1839,

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man affectrd with sleeping sickness. I shall, in a later pap(>r,

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* Is not this rich 1 Music and tenia! — the opera and the tape- worm ! Shades of

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The two courses comprise, one for the general practitioner and one

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1 . Actinomycosis may be defined as a subacute or chronic,

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has recently tied the two temporal and the two facial arteries in a case

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Williiiiii. Secret ary-TrcMHurer — Dr. K. B. Oliver, Fort William.

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a nation to some extent resting ujioii its laurels gained in other

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later years he opened and cwned the first dental college in Toronto,

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strictest regulations of preventive medicine been brought most

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enema that no air remains in the tube so that there will be no mis-

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unsatisfactory for the charity cases; while the temporary results

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Rist, E., et Strohl, A. Etudes experimentales et critiques sur le pneumo-

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shghtly blue and a temperature maximum of 104|°. The pulse

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Essays intended for competition may be upon any subject

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the eye, when the patient feels warmth, or the person applying it sees

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ly ; the draught was at once rejected ; then gave one grain every ten

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103, 3. The pathological condition of the sastro-intestinal mucous mem-

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made a high reputation for himself in his city and in his state.

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ability with which many of them are conducted, nothing could be further

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interest, for upon the proper answer depends the comfort and

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Ri>«H at the mK'liiiK of itii- Kinpli'H Mr^lirnl Horii-ty, Fohruapy. IDIH.

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was 90 per cent, of the normal. All had well compensated hearts.

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monials, with blistering to the chest, and cupping and a liniment for

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tials of the progress of the case until it leaves the hospital, be it

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As a rule, however, it is intermittent, occurring after exertion of

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by granular, pink, ante-mortem clot. The left subcla\'ian vein is

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the flexible tube is clamped. A sample of the air is taken from the

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type of pneumonia were more frequent ; toward the end it appeared

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importance. It will constitute a permanent record in (Canada of

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