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strument being inclined more posteriorly an opening was discovered, in
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Thomas. He was a son of Mr. Daniel Duncombe, who repre-
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G. S. Mundio, Montreal- "The problem of the mental defective
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ally. Machinery has to be devised whereby the great pro-
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to study BraiUe and he was most persistent that he be sent to
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II. If it is not feasible to remove the cause, the patient may
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did much good work in a Canadian Field Ambulance Corps.
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in a mass of tissue, the mesenchyme, forming the genital cord,
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or haemorrhage may develop. In some cases haemorrhage from the
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by the city medical health ofl[icer. He suggested the delegation
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Captain D. A. Macdonald states that the disease and compli-
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tion of a typical case; though the wide difference in the recorded
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the night while she was asleep. The ulcer had begun to heal before
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der is a little more than one-half that of the liquid preparation.
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The matter is a most urgent one. Immigrants from civilized
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hoiise .surgeon, we have no doubt that medical .science would
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and it did not come altogether as a sui'prise to his friends on
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Old Age. — The diseased conditions peculiar to old age demand
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Nttksing Sister L. M. Jenner, St. John, New Bnmswick.
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