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over the muscle thus lo|t, and the state of the patient be very much worse
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whole blood has been employed. It is of special interest to record
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the disease has continued for a considerable length of time, ulcera-
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to copious, glairy to muco-purulent , to yellow-green purulent,
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done to prolong Ufe it proved imavailing. For the past twenty-
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The returned soldier is, as a rule, nervous and restless. He
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referred all matters pertaining to medical colleges and medical
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force in our medical schools. They go into our hospitals, and the
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They are trjdng to straighten this limb and bring function to that
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exceeding useful, and would warrant the expense of holding
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idiocy, feeble-mindedness and madness. The sons and daughters
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ing manner: — a linear scai'ification is made through a drop or two
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chief sugar in the foodstiiffs, is absorbed into the blood without
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cough, loss of weight, general weakness, pallor, evening rise of
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bined ammonia of the urine, since the ammonia of the blood neut-
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must the accomplishments of this year be regarded as a preUminary
a pathological laboratory well equipped and equally well staffed?

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