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t The removal of the insane from the vest wing of the Hospital in the city, has

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foimd spontaneously ruptured as cleanly as though cut with a

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hospitals could exist. Do the hospitals in return meet this confid-

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tissue juice, or cytozyme extracted in lipoidal state, while it solidifies

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place taken by hospitals in the hfe of the community, both from the

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full course of lectures on Anatomy, whether Special, Surgical, or Pathological, which are delivered

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LONDON MEDICAL ASSOCIATION:— President— Dr. E. Spence. Secretary-

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at the fitting season, carried into execution with determined persevere-

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urine had been effected by evaporation in vacuo. C. L.

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M.B., Mihtary Orthopaedic Hospital, Whitchurch. With a

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The enemata returned clear and I operated about 10.30 a.m. and

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or giving of quack medicines to cm^e venereal disease.

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to this our youngest Faculty by Dr. Frank Woodbury, the virtual

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book on this subject in a first class training school. The type and

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Mallory claims that they are very rarely found in human cases;

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rather than from its pathological aspect. This phase of medicine

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upon to do so either at home or abroad. That is a sufficient reason,

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the prosecution of the inquiry, and intimated that all who desire

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This is not only for the sake of the evidence it may give of the

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Afl the HymptoriLs subside, preparation must be nrnde to regu-

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ment for this case is — first of all, rest — perfect rest of the joint — to

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practice is granted, it yet insists that the hospital should

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These lectures, we doubt not, will be interesting and valuable to the

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pated through the abdominal wall. Herbert Thoms, of New

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immediate future for Ontario hospitals. This is in line

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I am well aware that your intention in doing so, is to bestow an

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for papers will be a hearty one. It has been the aim of the officers

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forms of nephritis, more rarely in some cases of rheumatic fever; in

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