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he could be sure of employing all his knowledge and skill accord-


isting monojjoly in arsenical preparations" for the treatment

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whatever name you wish to give it, is entirely different. Some of

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The selective birth-rate seems to offer a reasonable substitute.

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oil brass plates, prescribing for the rich, the learned and noble, and ** deal-

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should be sent to Montreal, where the new facial hospital is being

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who has lately returned from Ottawa, appeared before the city

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I have indicated briefly the important differences which are

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The Examiner is published every Saturday in Philadelphia, each number containing sixteen large

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first twenty-four hours, except in the more latent cases. In the

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ONTARIO MEDICAL ASSOCIATION:— President— Dr. G. Stewart Cameron,

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* How strongly and how bonorablv does this caution and reserve, in such men as

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College, University of Chicago, Fellow Society of Tropical

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These con.si derations may be kept in mind and worked out as the

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change on standing is almost always in the direction of an increase in

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affairs. But to those who, in the supposed interest of morahty

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a radiograph. In all such cases when the device was applied

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conjunction with the restricted diet. Attempts to desensitize

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SOClfiTfi MfiDICALE DU DISTRICT D'OTTAWA :— President— Dr. M. Aubry.

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level of children of different ages in order to obtain their best

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The pulse was irregular, and on December 13th, 1914, an electro-

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other measurable properties of the men composing the British

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edge of the character of the nurse's work that the people frequently

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in 1810. At present both Queen Mary and Queen Alexandra

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tration of militia headquarters, has been appointed assistant deputy

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