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The most plausible hypothesis yet proposed as a solution of the difficulty is,

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swelling, with marked dilatation and ca+arrh of the lymph sinuses.

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neys, at the same time employing one of the tests for kidiaey func-

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In the case of true bacillas diphlhcrioe, death of pig No. 1 occurred

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the whole of his very valuable private collection in the College, under the charse of the Professor of

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transportation corporations. Each unit or department is sug-

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to this, because in the figiu-es I am about to put before you this

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and they have no ambition. Of aU human beings, the blacks are

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from these sources of Infection. Naturally the teeth, tonsils

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8yst«m. He laid particular stress on the value of the exercise

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a single diagnosis shall appear in the admission and discharge book

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ments, and llir adnii.ssion of all relial)le preparations.

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bine fragments of thought into a unitary whole, and ability to

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hands of the Local Boards, but should be confirmed by a travelling

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dentists rendered to the siu'geons throughout the whole period of

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which have been examined, either surgically or at autopsy, there

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take as to whether flatus is expelled or not. Other signs sometimes

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Without much pretence of scientific accuracy we would include

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new membei-s were elected to membership and the following officers

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thyroid on metabolism. They think that possibly the two glands

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causes, but like the other constants in the body, the variation

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On the changes which take place in the constituent elements of the blood,

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a war-like spirit, and made a clean job of it. The "clean-up"

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has vanished, the use of books as tools seems to have been for-

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thf roots of tlir lungs and at the points of bifurcation of the bronchi

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