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students refuse to attend these spring and fall lectures ? The late spring

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erably. Its anterior lobe bore the marks of recent inflammation,

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"The findings in the lungs are quite unique and strikingly similar,

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D.S.O., Assistant-Director Medical Ser\'ices, Military District

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of the pus becomes rapidly reduced. A greater and greater dilu-

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tion and percussion which has made him familiar with the physical

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to assist in our progranmie, we extend our warmest greetings and

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tube and clipping off the outflow; and is maintained so long as

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nosticate tubercles of the bronchial glands from this symptom.

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of his favorite science. We bespeak for his work the favor of kis profes-

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hours is the average time required to cleanse a wound of pus. Upon

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stopping the bleeding, which is the worst object that can be ac-

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Sec. 2. — Any five members of the Association may hand to

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and progressive, and ht; got quite well. This was my introduction

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at first he had thought that the patient had indigestion, but that

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into the heavier saline medium, and remains at the bottom. It is suggested

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meeting on May 6th. Reports of the various committees for the

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homes. This is the crux of the whole matter. There is no need to

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continues and the glomeruU are laid down in layers until the

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Those have boon mostly taken from his own cases. Insti^ad of

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38. Schiller: Beitrdg. z. klin. Chir., 1899, xxiv, 535. 39. Bonnet: Province med.,

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be fjiirly good. In unrniia the non-i)rolciii nitrogen is always very

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Nitr. Potass. By M. Aran. — This paper details the results of twelve

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ference. On th(! other hand, however, the greater part of the

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up the cinematoplastic amputations of Putti and also the surgery

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erer of the disease which bears his name, observes : " I am anx-

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compress and bandage. I directed the patient to be kept very quiet

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improved, so as to enable him lo see large letters. The upper lia«

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of communicable disease has been issued from the office of the

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view. Secretary — Dr. Hugh MacKay, 220 Mclntyre Blk., Winnipeg. Treasurer

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service. Medical officers should be comp)etent not only to esti-

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