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put on the results of experimentation with certain drugs on the

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The hardness of the rays and the duration of the seances are the most

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Secrotary-lreasurer — Dr. T. II. Pru.st. Library, Civic Block.

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On his return, he found new and wearying tasks thrust upon

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quite possible that his statement is correct — that with his clear

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pital. 198 pages, illustrated. Price, $1.75. Publishers:

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much. In some cases, the abdomen is full and tense, especially

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hospital, but his constitution was broken. Phthisis supervened. At

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methods by which he made such a great name for himself. No one


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my reading serves me, been noticed in any of the monographs on strabis-

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at Mercer's Hospital, it was productive of a very decided change. A fe*

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educational system has disclosed a mad race to pass examinations

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inclined to suggest the following explanation as a probable sokition

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