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takes place very infrequently.* As a result of the various meta-
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Island is nearing completion, and is considered one of the finest
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"Whence it follows that the movement of the blood is constantly
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the Heart," which was published a few years later. Since that
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in the sensitization to foods, but the frequency of sensitization
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anticipation of an outbreak there had been established by the
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dred and five were received and supported without charge of any kind.f
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Captain Joseph Jordan is posted for duty under the A.D.M.S.,
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done much in the past for preventive medicine, have prepared a
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ruptured eye-balls to attend to, and it took two mastoid operations
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The wound was dressed on the fifth day after the operation ; there
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a theory the premises being true, any legitimate deduction furnished
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to those around him, of venereal infection ; the mode of infection ;
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anaemia and other systemic diseases. From such observations,
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In smaller hospitals, such as oucrs, it is not usual to have to
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in this also cnurs of firganic <liscase were avoided. The same
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acter of acute surgery, and yet at the base there is, sad to say,
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large, covering the greater part of the heart and some portion of
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Liberal contributions of funds were soon made, and in process of time,
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