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or pain in the chest, and perhaps by numbness and pain in the left

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Osborne, T. B., and Mendel, L. B. Ophthalmia and diet. •/. Am. M. Ass.,

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gestion^ with an ataxic or broken re-action. 3d. Congestion^ with a

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and none to defend. I simply bring to your notice a half-

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the removal of the patient to a hospital for mental diseases.

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relief the tremendous importance of dealing with the human

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most constant symptoms in all the animal groups. The rabbits

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Of the sHdes only two are here reproduced as illustrations.

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to the work here, the following factors outside the body may cause the entry

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focus at upper end of spiral this nibbled with ronguer and packed

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Shocks ordered to be passed from the sacrum to the toes daily.

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telligently we must be in possession of nuich more information

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of £pilepsy ; for months, the patient had not passed a day without a fit;

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we have to think of poisonous substances engendered within the

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that is given as the cause; of n^jection. \N'itli the jiouring in of

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If it could be shown that nurses, after special training,

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Januarj^ 15th, 1918, fourth dressing since last operation. Wound

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Major George Garnet Greer, M.C., is posted for duty under

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Occasionally it is necessary to use vaccines in conjunction with

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the posterior wall of the pharynx, the posterior third of the tongue,

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tracts inflammation from the body. The salt i.s mixed with a

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cf heart failure with dropsy do well on one daily dose of digitalis

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all other occupied males. This immunity is not as great to-day as

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for the trained observer, and a harvest for the charlatan. The

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regions. Rigidity of the back is a constant feature; the patients

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a male rabbit infected on the prepuce conveyed the disease by coitus to


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cardial lesion is not the rule, but is more frequent in women than

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its favour, an analogy being found in the nuiscle of Treitz. The

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