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turned to Canada, had given up a good position a second time and
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the other hand, the degenerative form, usually syphilitic (and the
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\T0 apology is needed for a further discussion of the problem of
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were used for dressing. On March 13th, 1918, swab from wound
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elbow, with some enlargenn'nl of the \cins of tin- forearm anil front
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4th. It is specific, differing in its characters, from those of ordinary in-
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of venereal diseases — makes it impossible to fight it as successfuly
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pelvis, one femur and some bones of a foot, are all that lave been
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Auricular flutter is much commoner than is usually thought.
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have also been entered into with Queen's Unversity, Kingston,
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the profession has had of coming together since the war, as
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Harnie, Captain (acting Major) G. E. McCarteney, Captain
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lesions which involve the posterior part of the superior and middle
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own homes imder the super\Tsion of the dispensary, unless there
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diseases, I have never observed any alteration of the colour vision
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at operations, the interne will learn after-treatment. There is no
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altogether, and not upon the expediency of the movement.
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la«t years of his training, which years, be it remembered, are full of
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ances; of anaesthesia, of parsesthesia, or pains in their various
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morning, and if evidence of nephritis be discovered, a comparison
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value of the experience we have gained in the treatment of the
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our prov-ince. I was a student of his and always had for him that
Many of our fellow citizens have sacrificed their lives. A very
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honorary degree of LL.D. took place in the Macdonald Memorial
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matter was more like calf 's-foot jelly and without an envelope ; here and
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ate terror in the mind of the patient. When the quantity of lime applied,
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the book we append a list of the chapter headings. V. Spina
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two following facts will appear : viz: globules, at first in excess, with a
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mucous membrane of the vagina then is diseased, in every case in which
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disputants more wedded than ever to their own opinions.
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Here we beg leave to differ with the able professor. We have yet to
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spector can rely on no one but the physicians of the county first

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