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however fascinating and alluring alterations in structure may prove
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bacilli, showed the presence of bacillus coli only and no tubercle
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of this altered reaction to infection of the pleura of already tuber-
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which each member describes the sensations he experiences during the
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of the case and the necessity for prompt treatment. It must be
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sidered, namely, failure of contractility and failure of tonicity, in-
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gathering, and our interest to lapse for another year? Should
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of other remedial measures have failed— instead of being held up, as it
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themselves and have risen to eminence in medicine or the allied
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are so small as to make hardly appreciable differences in the results obtained.
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knowk-dge of the natural sciences, it is not uninteresting to read
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And the inspector for Fraserville was glad indeed in a foreword
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the abnormally high infant death rate. That much more extensive,
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In this lesson taught by the war, the physician found a duty.
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the problem of affording relief to the patient with a stiff, painful,
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An Account of the Origin ^ the Use of Mercury in Infammatory i
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are curable. The percentage of cures of cases of syphilis would
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eliminate this great e\'il, than by continuing the somnolent in-
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de St. Bedan, the widow of an emigre. Renouncing the temptation
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enough for these men when thej'^ return home. Our desire is to
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and it is apprehended, that it may nltimately encircle the slender waists
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this position he is eminently fitted, as Dr. Adami holds all the
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patient convalescing under such conditions will have much greater
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A record of the cardiac rate and treatment is detailed in

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