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that in the ver>- near future a bureau wiU be estabhshed in the sec-
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relation to the medical profession, by Dr. M. D. Morrison, Halifax,
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birth entails, and then ruthlessly slays large numbers bf them
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from aflection of the spinal nerves, it commonly can be so borne, while in
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It was centrifuged and the bacterial deposit pooled and diluted
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been specially called to that organ by a verj' careful investigation
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of the general staff. Nurse McDonald, who was stationed at a
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As is indicated in the table below, of the eighteen cases be-
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an attack of an infection in February, followed one week later by
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State Insurance the necessary funds could be obtained, and if,
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that five hundred and fifty influenza patients had been treated in
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and was elected Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in 1896. This
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tation. There were signa of enlargement of the heart ; the patient
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\N c next hcek confinnation of our diagnosis by physical exani-
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definite distinction between these conditions can only be made by
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senger in quest of Dr. Buck, who soon came to my assistance. I
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In abdominal cases, often the first thing to call attention to
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9. Hadwen, S., and Nuttall, G. H. F. — 1913. "Experimental 'Tick Paralysis'
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