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bowel and carefully turned in the ends so as to invert the least

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extremely economical one, in which little energy is wasted. While different

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reviewTng the fortunes of the association from its feeble beginning,

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of this «stabiisbment, and placed it under the care of a svpeitptendant and matron, who will cheer-

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in other organs by the disordered circulation. Let us (iifferentiate

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illar.v sinuses, the turbinated bones, and the nasal septum, were

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are those of the men who pass their first physical examination before

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by Rilliet and BartheZ; that, whereas tuberculization in the lungs ad-

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wounded by a fragment of a pitcher, which he had in his hand when

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reducing the fracture. Two days later the urine was examined and

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profession in Canada, will, we are convinced, agree with all

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health board, with one death, that of a five months' primipara,

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Society. One pro^•ision for membership is that the Government

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Case 1. Mrs. H., aged fifty-three, housewife. She had chorea

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the purpose of raising it, so that its edge should not interfere witk

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pressed ; the sutures were wide ; the membranae pupilaris perfect.'^

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vvritten in the authors' lucid style. A valuable feature of the

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we are up against a very heavy item of expense, trouble and

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There is but one other note that I would make, namely, in

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cells of a dietary with an abnormally high protein content.

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to commend the Government for at last establishing a De-

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This, I have not the least doubt, \vill show certain districts

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