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2. It is the gangrene consequent upon delay, the peritonitis

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to a point to which practically nothing has been added in

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trip with the right foot. The disease being suspected/ she was

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ably less than in the vaccinated animals and does not always occur,

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would do no good, as the patient would necessarily die, and perhaps

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Medical Examiner, Philadelphia. Publication office, N. £ . comer of Spruce and Tenth Streets

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provincial govenunent and to obtain the promise of financial assist-

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to pare and clean the finger-nails. The results are seen in the

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over 99°, and had a slow pulse. The exudate was thin, bloody, and

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Last year 17,000 complete physical examinations were made in the

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in this review any cases subjected by me to this treatment, be-

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The chair was taken in the morning by the Honourable J. A.

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aetiology of Graves' disease that must not be overlooked is that

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in its recommendations. It is a pity that the benefits from

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their powers of observing, to that possessed in so eminent a degree by Chomel,

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bodi&« and the medical profession has not been bridged well. We

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MO doctor is properly established in his profession who has not

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suffering from mental disorder; taking this fact into consideration,

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apparent, and any work which can give us new light and fresh

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Ward Committees. — 1 st Ward, Drs. Pratt, and Randolph : 2d Ward,

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He was appointed Professor of the History of Medicine

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of Medical Historian for the ('anadian forces. The result of his

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In cases of pulmonary phthisis, w^e must not forget that besides lesions

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abroad, so as to obtain a really detached opinion, and asked him

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men of the Bar, a knowledge of this interesting subject, professionally

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I shall rest the question as to the reality of the form of disease

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timely extirpation even in cancer of the breast If this be so we have

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had a part in lessening muscular activity, while the accumulation

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nor change in the demand for water by the body determine the excretion of

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belief that they exist for their own self-perpetuation; that they have

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Captain Thomas Bickerton Edminson, August 30th, 1919; Captain

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Let H be the pressure of the atmosphere, then by Mariotte's (Boyle) law

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oxidation prior to administration must be very slight indeed.

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n^jtore them to their home and family and to secure for them com-

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Hospital cases in France are classified as follows:

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