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thyroid gland alone is responsible and that there are cases in which
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Two cases of congenital disease of the eye, occur in the last number
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ist may be met with the well-worn quotation, "Dost thou think
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he would flush out with his antiseptic solution, removing as
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often done before this treatment is applied, because the symptoms
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pulmonary second. Blood pressure, 110-60. White blood cells,
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from our intention than, while presenting and urging the advantages
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Let us now turn to the plaint and programme of the eugenist.
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In the second paper the results of an investigation of horse serum are
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will prove a boon which it is impossible to overestimate. And
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choroiditis, which has been by far the commonest form of traumatic
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nearest the screen so that a good view is procured of the posterior
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to adopt a standard and reject all recruits who fail to reach it,
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that city, after a long illness. He contracted influenza last October.
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N. B. All communications must be addressed to the Publisher, post piin. Adver-
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have, ex-officio, the right to use the hospital for the instruction of
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Board of Health being granted a license to manufacture them,
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hundred and twenty and one hundred calories to the ounce, it
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again on January 16th, at which time he was taking grs. xxv. t.i.d.
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amoimt of your time he can waste. "A maliagerer is one who is
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Heretofore we have seen things done, relatively speaking, in a
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will enable one to return a man to his work, which after all is a
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prognosis or treatment. It should always be considered in relation
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et Vhum/rus", the discovery and accurate description of the sub-
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be prepared for the Post-Ma.<¬ęter*s signature, by the person wishing to avail himself of the privilege.
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pubis by three or four processes, and behind to the spine of the
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bronchitis, autogenous sputima vaccines have been required in
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is the only certain way of distinguishing these two conditions from
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coming negligible. The lives saved in that way will do something,
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Hsematuria is occasionally a very early and may be, for a
instead of stating the functional disability, and as this latter is
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vision and the diet and en\'ironment were as uniform for all as it
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glans penis; that of the ureter into the cord or testis; that of the
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It has doubtless been the general opinion of surgeons that
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grasshopper shall be a burden," has been fulfilled in our case, for we
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He was the first who discerned the pathological natm-e of
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left shoulder is the difficulty in teaching the recruit to get the
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John Gunn, M.D.; first vice-president, Dr. Ferguson, Pilot Mound;

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