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that to-day surrounds Canada in the eyes of every American who
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carried to neighbouring glands, some are phagocyted, and some are
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three and a half years before. His pain was intense and his whole
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cases it is foimd difficult to make the incision close to the Tarsus.
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hospitals and research laboratories in the tropics form an enormous
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Seldom have cUnical psychiatrists had so much assistance from
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it is evident that the procedure is not without danger, and is one
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ing Secretary— Dr. Fred Harper. Treasurer — Dr. T. W. Blanchard.
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Three days^after, the patient continuing to grow more comfortal le,
magazine, they tell what benefactors they are to the human race,
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difficulties are not explained in the large volumes, this small book
we may expect the best results, and the prime minister should be
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the growing of rice; previously the country imported all its
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branch at IVIilitary Headquarters, Ottawa, to the effect that no

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