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characterized throughout by the evidence of the author's very

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in length two inches and a half. A breadth of three inches is de-

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months standing, a third the upper and back part of the neck, and

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known professional men in St. Thomas, was severely injured in a

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method of Haldane and Priest ley has, during rest, a certain very de-

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a finality at the base hospitals. There were six deaths and the

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disease of the kidneys, and if so, adrenalin is indicated in renal

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The question has been asked, "How do you know that the

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themselves for their physical examination. Then for the fii-st time

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young children attending the pubhc schools. Individuals, of what-

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Price $1.25. Publishers: Lea &. Febiger, Philadelphia and

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glossi or that of the frenum only. The amount of benefit derived still

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of the campaign undertaken by the Director-General through

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It then becomes their duty to direct the man to the nearest district

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the strength of the Department of Soldier Civil Re-estabhshment

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to his ovax immense advantage, but is also a duty he owes to the

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without more evidence than the soldier's own statement, the fact,

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stout. Menstruated at 17, enjoyed good health till 30, when she married.

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obviate the beneficial effects of the rocking-chair ; indeed, we should

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not arterial or frothy but thick and dark. Great quantities of this

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that time as vice-presidents for each province: — Dr. Hector Pelle-

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swollen, (Edematous, often multinucleated, again atrophic and

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case in previous wars, by infectious diseases and the ideals for which

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in May, 1914,* the different peoples of the earth, from an ethno-

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the desirable men to the detriment of the other institutions.

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country can exist without its statistics of births, infectious morbidity

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because of the influenza epidemic, the decline was slight in amount.

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the two conditions being due to the presence in both of such symp-

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Captain William Goldie is posted for duty under the A.D.M.S.,

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practice, which have been studied and treated from the viewpoint

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