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Mothersill; Captain Joseph Wark; Captain Robert S. Patrick
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and there are r&les in the lungs between attacks. Often these
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directed to the scale in relation to that for which it was devised and
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the metal rods, placed in the nostril were in my way, I asked for
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intervention of thromboplastic influences such as the addition of distilled
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to be the most probable hypothesis, and, if we adnut such a view,
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\Miite a great deal of what he deals with so clearly and concisely.
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cent, and more of the rejections were on account of pulmonary
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canal. This uncovers the component elements of the cord and the
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employers. We all know the amount of responsibiUty that falls
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mon in the Austrian and Italian armies, in which dental science
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Ia.«t of which was the entry regarding inoculation against enteric —
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ecveral who have refused operation on account of a small opening
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the contour of the head better in the frontal and occipital regions
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American manhood must be clean and fit. America stands in
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The Faculty of Medicine of Dalhousie University is fortunate
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were surprised at the number of cases of peripheral nerv-e injury.
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who have been on overseas service in the various years is as
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cal appointments, bestow them. Upon the former branch of the subject,
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is entered as wounded, then the record of gassed cases is made in-
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with pain and lameness. For a number of years he had been treated
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The flap was then brought around so as to fill up the chasm between
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Refraction shows that their eyes are almost aU emmetropic,
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frequently feeble-minded or backward children would fail in this
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functional disturbance due to a variety of causes, and amongst
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proved patterns, and of the best workmanship. From a long experience in manufactunng, he feels
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a painful stiff back, so that any attempt to turn or move made him
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reached in the first generation but is usually attained by the second
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lating Library. The selections fof this publication are good, and the
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made in this campaign ; for the first time in war the transfusion of
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by the liberality of the publishing committee, been handed to the publisher
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temporarily appointed as Acting Assistant Commissioner for the
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for among the more than two thousand medical officers who left
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able in the lips, the nails, the cheeks, the genitals, the feet and hands.
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Kossel, A., und Giese, G. tlber den Chloromfarbstoff. [On the colouring
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the physician, has attracted comparatively little attention from Ameri-

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