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intemperance and the diseases which result from it. In the northern di*
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ave often observed, that the good effects of opium are much more
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of the frankly parenchymatous type, and in the early stages of the
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eyes of the negroes than in those of the whites; but the rods in both
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pieces of lime, from a lime^kiln, answer well, if freshf but not otherwise.
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opening the abdomen, there was a long band of omentum which
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Jambs Quack enboss, M. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. *
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with philosophy or logic 7 Have they any other desire than to be
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bell, Vancouver. Secretary — Dr. H. W. Riggs, Vancouver.
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appUed to civil communities, and other subjects relating to
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most citizens and even to some physicians. It was stated
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of the physiologist would smooth many of the everyday ruts
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therefore it behooves us to assist in keeping its standard up to the
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in a man recently arrived from sea, affecting the arms, thighs, and
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is so irritable that it will reject them. A previous bleeding will often cor-*
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which contains an isotonic solution of sodium chloride, and the
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347,392 articles were shipped in 2,497 cases. A discussion took
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control of cinematicized muscles. Similarly the office and shop
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seventy-two. These are remarkable figvu^es when one considers
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in diphtheria. The disinfections for scarlet fever totalled five
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these tuberculosis figures is that the majority of these cases diag-
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headaches ^\dth errors of refraction. It is to be remembered that
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Each of the prairie provinces, in resi>onse to this agitation,

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