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the joint, and extensive enlargement of the parts around it, a copious dis-

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ment. This is such as no rational man would follow in cofnmon enteritis."

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a frontal plate in vulcanite, moulded on the forehead, and grasping,

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for the year 1917, has just been published. At the time of dis-

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been wanting has been some practical method of selecting the

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a kaleidoscopic variety: the neuropath, the limbless, the bUnd,

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devoted to lectures and demonstrations in child welfare work

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Mihtary District No. 2. Captain Aubrey Vernon Graves is

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benefitted to a surprising extent by this treatment.

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has led to the conclusion that the basic principles involved in the

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2. The action of morphia upon the respiratory centre is to

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are easily recognized. A paralysis of the corresponding muscles

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of phthisis, but when the serous iiifilirations occur early, it may pretty

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BUndness", which is the motto of the place, and in massage,

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last year, the number of diphtheria disinfections was fifty-two com-

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The child being placed on his right side, a transverse incision, abont

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