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8er\'ire rendered in the recent contiict by our nui"ses. They have
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nection with educational work for the blind. "When the institute
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months the changes have been an improvement in his general condi-
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to using around there a preparation of argyrol or sylvol, but in
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fession in Ontario interviewed the Hon. Dr. Cody and advanced
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tures could be made either gradually or suddenly, and rarely was
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and many have died who had none. But these cases should be
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speak of them as a body — are behind their brethren in England, though,
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pected that he will settle down to the humdrum existence of civil
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monium and belladonna, or ether and tincture of lobelia. In the
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have been asked to supply plans, in which will be embodied the
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abortion ; the woman had miscarried, the day before he saw her, she lost
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zans sustain the latter in vain. Here all depends upon fact. And
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The trend of the recent work by Meyerhof, following upon the work
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boUsm is the subject of acidosis. In health the fats are burned
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Ufe, so as a result of the war is science being appealed to. to repair
synjardy xr dosing
In the majority of cases the diagnosis is possible from either the
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The esprit-de-corps developed amongst the men in the medical

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