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Any enlargement of the thjToid gland may be called a goitre,
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synvisc injection side effects
being quite clear, the heavens were lit up for three or four hours by a beautifully arched Aurora-
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Dakin solution, or the necessity for the increase in surgical teams,
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from a bicycle injuring his head. Notes on the case state that he
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We want the patient to be as cahn and restful as possible
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SOClfiTfi MfiDICALE DU DISTRICT D'OTTAWA :— President— Dr. M. Aubry.
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This difference depends, according to Prof. W., partly upon the diet not
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in diagnosis. It should be remembered that intercostal neuralgia
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professions and callings have produced books to show that he must
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The practitioner, in the use of this remedy, must learn to wait pa-
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MANITOBA MEDICAL ASSOCIATION :— President— Dr. G. D. Shortreed, Grand-
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financial assistance for the establishment of a psychopathic depart-
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proper that appreciation of the profession of Canada should be
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British Medical Serv-ice some time previously, but what really
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now fixed, for example— the sacro-spinous hgament, a portion of
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account of some recent exacerbation, or simply misericordicB catisA.
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by Major E. H. Young. Among other points we learn from
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class, is morally bound to reach a fair standard of efiiciencj' before
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all cases, it is a means of diagnosis, and where the diagnosis is plain, it
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CONSIDERABLE confusion appears to exist in the minds of the
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of Iron be perfectly neutral, and colorless. The formula for making what
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fort and the lives of hapless patients and confiding friends. Now
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twenty; St. Stephen, one; Gloucester, one thousand nine huinired;
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ination one would consider them unfit for flying. Yet they fre-
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A Manual of Otology. By Gorham Bacon, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S.,
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of the student's medical education. When we come to consider
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of Medicine, at Angers. {Archives Gen. de Med. for April and
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of temperature and pressure, in this way eUminating sources of
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fact that patients in the earUer stages present a rather different
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that the soldier carries out fully the instructions given. Tliose

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