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case would not at once have yielded to the practice in question. This is
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by the Legislative Assembly in March, 1917. Since then, four
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versity of Manitoba as a formal part of the training of fifth year
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The s5anptom8 and signs may vary in intensity according to
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subjective symptoms wen; extreme! weakness, severe headache
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of scrofulous constitution, in whom the gland, after having been much en-
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dred and ninety-three of whom were restored to their families perfectly
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The formal opening of the New Dominion Orthopaedic Hos-
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days two pieces of a cranium came away, one parital bone and one
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fighting for their country in France and Flanders, ease their minds
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with the question of transportation. This department was ad-
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Our belief in the superiority of mechanical cleansing to all
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3. It is imperative that the statement of the facts justifying
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pedicle is fairly within reach of the Angers at the point where we
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pected, a military patient can be admitted to hospital without any
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nine- two survives him, having been at one time Speaker of the
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twenty-four hours gave streptococci which would not grow out;
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insufflation method, and proved exceedingly satisfactory indeed.
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of the matter, that makes it so difficult for most of us to take up
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the medical services of the a^mj' of the district. Dr. G. E. Arm-
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When (as in the case of Hunter) they occur in the practice of quacks, or
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effort in the right direction and has the endorsement of everyone
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nails in the fixation of fractures. This is rather in contradiction
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attendants, and the care of the sputum. Pamphlets containing
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Under the regulations which it has been found expedient
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of menorrhagia, and finally of uterine hemorrhage. It became more and
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while those who conceal the disease or neglect to report in large
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one people, but an attempt to arouse all tlie peoples to a sense
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of burning with lunar caustic, the mark of a cross, on the forehead of a
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z-ray plate. This is so constant that it must be accepted as a
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the appliance: the larger tube issuing from the cover is similarly
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character is one which it is a pride to record, a pleasure to recall, and a

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