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thalitone package insert

thalitone dosage

I feel 1 need not pursue this subject further. At best or at

chlorthalidone (thalitone) 25 mg tablet

fication of patients. The flj'ing history is of value, in that it indi-

thalitone reviews

thalitone discontinued

of an enlargement of the thyroid at the age of twenty. No symp-

thalitone 25 mg

The type of mind developed by the effort to do some research work

thalitone manufacturer

not confined to surmise ; but that, after he has proved his point to his own


osis of kidney tissue, there would be hyaline casts and other evi-

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thalitone price

thalitone prescribing information

At Baltimore, August 1 0th, Dr. Samuel G. Baker, professor of Materia

thalitone 15 mg

doses of calomel in the beginning as purgative, and in smaller doses,

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