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Great Britain I owe them to the Minister of National Service, or

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leave the latter abode till the whole story is revealed by a post

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The medical faculties of McGill and Toronto Universities,

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medical practice in all the varieties of disease, may be every day witnessed : and thus an extent

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clinical or the x-ray examination alone. If one desires to study

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Red Cross activities in the interests of humanity. The

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the oxygen content of the valveolar air becomes less and less, the

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ture of the choroid below the macular area, displacement of pig-

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Major Frederick Adam Cleland; Captain WilUam Thompson

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of the new movement is to supplement, not to supplant, the

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distended with red cells and polynuclear leuct)cytes, in some cases

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tionary as the direct outcome of the war. "Bip" is a combination

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tention of the practitioner. And hence it is very possible that, al-

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periods between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five, 52 per cent,

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this gap. It presents clearly and concisely the essential facts of

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The nitrogen of the food is (H)ntained in the protein molecule.

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for from two to three weeks after the wounding or operation. The

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liamentary consideration at any time. They must also be avail-

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Hygiene and Public Health. By George M. Price, M.D.

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of frequency illustrating the efficiency of our conscripts. In the

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two or three pounds of blood have been found in the pericardium,

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mental diseases of ci\'ilian practice. The war, however, by the

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and a paper bag as a receptacle pinned to the bedside and later

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^^oper to state here, that as the case was thoaght to be small pox. ih«

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is that the heads of the Canadian ser\'ice here in England were

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of the rbumatic pains and inflammation. The same cause in time

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symptoms more or less characteristic both of tuberculosis and

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be advisable to restrict carbohydrates moderately, a rigid diet is

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ducting staffs and attached to the Clearing Services command :


derived from the vaginal bulbs, and projects into the uro-genital

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Quebec, Mgr. Roy, the Premier of Quebec, the President of the

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serum. This is very definite and tells the point at which to stop.

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only four cases ; for this is the unfortunate class that is generally

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in which the meeting is held shall be the first Vice-President of the

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