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urethro-vaginal hgaments which bind, inseparably, the urethra and

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accounts in large mea-^ure for the absence of violence and unseemly

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gum mucilage and covers it with gold-beaters' skin. Mr. George cakes

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ad deliquium, and by an emetic, and purgative of calomel and jalap, agree-

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due to distvu-bance of Uver function. An examination of the

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in examining such cases, as a great deal depends on the personality

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horizontal cutaneous incision, and a slight dissection in a manner

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our journals strife to avoid giving offene$, and to keep fair weather with

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THE NEW YORK MEDICAL GAZETTE U published every Wednesday, by Uriah Turner, M.

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Report (1919) on the content of accessory food factors. The work was done

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(3-8 weeks). This difference would seem to be far too great to be accounted

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in the Canadian Expeditionary Force from 1914 to 1918, three

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will give liis personal attendance thereto. Clinical instruction will likewise be given at the Dispen-

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The returned soldier is, as a rule, nervous and restless. He

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In conclusion, I wish to state that mj' best thanks are due

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was noted, and that in October, 1915, the West Cliff Canadian Eye


but from what I have seen and read and heard, I am convinced

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was advanced in a paper published in the report of the French

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backward the joint capsule is exposed. On opening this a splendid

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skull of a man who had been hanged, a draught of spring water from

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.tinal irritation, and in whom, although muscular power was lost, sensation

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surgeon should have for hving tissue is of supreme importance.

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thickened ; otherwise healthy. The aortic valves thickened, and rather

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ted in consequence, and varied phenomena, resulting from irregularity in

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exophthalmic goitre of which three are his own and the others

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