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It appears, therefore, that in all conditions of gradually deep-

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crease of anmionia in the urine, owing to interference with the

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still, seeing that Professor Roentgen belongs to a nation at present

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jM'rcentagcH of CO^ in the nlvt-olar air is steady, the .satunitioii

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'lished in the Medical Gazette an account of the trials which he has made

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Friday was a day of painting and decorating. It wound up,

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(6) Complete inliil)iti()n in the front row tube, some opacity

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when the blood comes into contad with it. The tissues also contain thrombo-

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positive skin tests with the proteins of wheat, horse hair, and pol-

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which time a No. 8 was quite ea<<ily inserted. Within a fortnight

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F. G. Finley, Montreal. W. Arbuckle, Vernon, B.C. I

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respiratory centre, the greater the impulses to the subsidiary centre,

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tised Forkniui's method for about two years, I did not include

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not be more liberally exercised. If love of money will not sway, if

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led to whatever similarity may present itself between our published

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sober age, and as a legacy to our younger brethren who may be

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adequate supervision, supported by our citizens and held in our

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bacilli of avian origin approximated that of the bovine type. W. B.

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most effective methods of kiUing trench lice. Major Orr, while

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reached with the finger. A large dose of castor oil is given, and

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The paper by Dr. M. E. McGarry, Margaree Forks, N.S.,

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tensirelj used in the former city. Physicians are respectfuUy invited to cell and examine them.

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about six and one-half months — 196 days. The average duration

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Aikman, E. T. Bagshawe, L. R. Batty, H. Bernard, M. L. Brown,

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tary— H. M. Aubry, 323 Sherbrookc Street East, Montreal.

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all cases, it is a means of diagnosis, and where the diagnosis is plain, it

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into a Ramsay Memorial Fellowship, to commemorate the services

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apply to the present epidemic with its mortahty of upwards of

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amount of reticular tissue but are poor in vascular channels. In

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attack the nervous system, and that following the disease there

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pants had been delinquent in obeying the law re notification of

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C. H. Mayo says that "a crowned tooth is not a crown of glory,

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modern coldness and scepticism. And what are such incentives to

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have not caused much insanity. The mental breakdowns, due to

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'-' usual causative factor in this distressing disorder is hyper-

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Finance Committe, — Drs. S. Hasbrouck, A. C. Post, and J. Linsly,

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ed bacillus coh, but no tubercle baciUi. Rectal examined and sound,

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Now that the war is over, and the work of the mihtary hos-

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facial paralysis, and I would like to remind you of the associated

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Attendance upon two complete courses of Lectures is neceraary to entitle the student to present

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to in other inflammatory diseases, and accordingly, about the mid*

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Nor shall I forget the just impatience of my chief on that

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education of the laity in this matter is of great importance. It is

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4. Suture: Either immediately or after the lapse of several

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