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I may remark, however, that the line dividing dHusion from knavery is often too

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in length and five eighths of an inch in breadth, leaving it attached

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28th there were no manifestations of chorea. On October 22nd,

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President-elect — -Dr. R. E. McKechnie, Vancouver. Acting Secretary-treasurer

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That it is a callous excresence, may be inferred fram the absence of M

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tion, the protection of water-supplies, venereal prevention, etc.

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r«^tw^t« *^®^ **" opened a private establishment, on the plan of those in Europe which have

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fractured extremities, takes first the consistence of cartilage and

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the superior gods, to be inspired by them and able to tell the future

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tance of fibrillation. This rule holds for all the larger animals, including

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phine suppositories to control pain, and the cessation of all intra-

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concerned are conveyed by the vagus nerves, so that on section

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cells in many instances carry the latter into the deeper structures -

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interne in a hospital or in a postgraduate, or should it begin when

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lous disease of the lungs, in some degree or another, in one form or <


appeared to be Rodent^ulcer of the right cheek some two years

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There has been a great deal of confusion regarding the mode of

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The whole left lobe is deeply and diffusely reddened, flat, and its

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cancer. It is to these conditions, especially, that the increased

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The nitrogen of the food is (H)ntained in the protein molecule.

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and to pay them bonuses which will enable them to carry on;

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