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diseased, and what eye ctmditions axe incompatible with efficient
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Venetes." On his return, Laennec entered the mihtary hospital
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or shorter duration until the CO2 has again accumulated in the
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The Ontario Medical Association held its annual meeting in
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will be estabUshed in different districts, and, generally speaking,
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the knife is always a confession, either of the impotence of our ait or of
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TnK following received the Militar>' Cross nt a n>cent investi-
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and issue of the cases of small pox afler vaccination in those who had
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seldom give rise to discussion. The only observation to be made
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The coronaries also showed sclerosis but no thrombosis or embolism.
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man, whatever his rank in life, would be given the best ()|)portuiiity;
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well, to secure Gerhard for herself; the reputation of the school will loose
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tation of the gastric or intestinal mucous membrane. If given
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The annual report of the Provincial Hospital of Nova Scotia,
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for duty as Officer Commanding, Brant Military Hospital.
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than in kind from natural processes, and by associating it with the
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African and Spanish-American wars being the latest and most
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containing white shreds or coagula. Sometimes the whole gland softens
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An order has just been issued by the Adjutant-General's
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coachman, besides being a great rake and considerably given to
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lids, and mucous membrane of the upper lip, with an inversion of the eye-
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o'clock on the following morning. The pains now began to subside

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