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The patient must be treated and trained so as to become

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the seats have been apphed for, the management continue to

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against their classification as so-called hypernephroma balances up.

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to and include all matters and questions relating to the pro-

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portance for our future medical service (because none of us liave

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or perhaps in very small quantities, examination of which may

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been discovered that the absence of this covering, necessary

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heir to." From two to eight grains of the sulph. quinine, at a dose, to be

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These productions also undergo the cartilaginous and osseous transfor-

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Till-: Montreal ixiard of health has created a special bureau

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assured they will all be fuUy capable of attributing their disabihty

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walls. When one of the trained non-commissioned officers seeks,

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strument being inclined more posteriorly an opening was discovered, in

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of the lungs from a state of the utmost crudity almost to the point

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"1. That a man's imited sight should be sufficient to enable


function in the glands mentioned or in other glands of the endo-

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in other organs by the disordered circulation. Let us (iifferentiate

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that the more dolichocephalic is the cranium, the deeper is the


in a monkey, in all cases heavily filtered. A short account of the technique

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degree ;ind i^ it prodmcd by slight, moderate or extreMu> exertion.

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but I have not as yet been able to investigate this point. It also

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end of that time none of the group could see, all moved forward

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cal professor of medicine, New York University and Belle-

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intemperance might be styled one of the most active agents to keep

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journals — our next will contain articles from Dr. Hoffman and Prof. Parker,

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Woodstock. Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. G. M. Brodie, Woodstock, Ontario.

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able and liveable benefaction. It will disseminate through America

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Impf)itant measm-es have been taken by the Department of Agri-

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