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young children attending the pubhc schools. Individuals, of what-

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A careful summing up of the history with an abdominal,

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Army Medical Board. — This Board has been ordered to convene in

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accomplished. It is their desire to make every number

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OENERAL.— Has on hand, and makes to order, all kinds of Surgical Instruments, of the most im-

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which so frequently occur following tonsillectomy. Although

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dangerous to himself. He has provided in a large measure the

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psychopathic conditions which in former wars were almost un-

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Finally, lower birth rate, which is by far the principal cause of

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and 6 V. 8. : 12 cases of pleurisy, and 18 v. s. : 4 cases of acute peritonitis,

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differential diagnosis can be made out or not, else death of the

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or three days and becomes stationary again by the end of the

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normal sound. This enabled me correctly to diagnosticate the case of a

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mary of it to our readers. The Doctor divides Polypi into six classes.

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troops both in France and England, it is almost certain that these

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July 11th, 1841. Examined, by request of the Coroner, the body

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facturers can submit specific problems for investigation and

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in many cases, undergone prolonged treatment in primary hospitals

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