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carried to the tissues, where it plays the part of fuel. The con-
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opinion along similar Unes that is bound to be created by our
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Health Officer, or in other ways has brought the elements of preven-
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organism. But the measures taken in pursuit of that idea, isola-
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(2) Average time on home service — thirty months.
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But what have we done to come to practical results? Have we
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general meetings or to the meetings of any of the sections thereof,
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Reuben, Mark S.: "Pyloric Stenosis in Infancy." Archives
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special instances and to adapt himself in attitude to the mental
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between disease of the physical, and that of the social and national
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venting drainage from the surface opening itself. The insertion of
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the problem is full of encouraging possibilities when we go into the
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vices of one or more ; thereby dispensing, as far as possible, with all personal restraint. The medi-
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abscess with intent to sterihze it, nor hope to heal a wound in the
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That an operation, even the most simple, is an extreme measure, which
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The result has been the terrible war now about to be ended by the
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Service; Meetings of Hospital Staff; Practical Points about
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two or three grains ; to one of six or eight years, from four to five

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