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Saint-Pierre, Lieutenant G. E. W. Crowe, Major J. F. Burgess, Cap-
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Dr. Maurice Vigneux, a well-known physician of Nelson,
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The pulse was irregular, and on December 13th, 1914, an electro-
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ecjual population. The taking of the census necessitated a house
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ileum. The loop seemed to be half turned on its axis as if it were
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Ser\'ice Commissioners ha\'e already made the necessary analyses
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and two weeks later 10,000 units. (A sensitizing dose of one-
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usually dies (if syphilis is not the cause) often proves satis-
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by turning to the teaching of the great contemporary of the
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monkeys (Macacus rhesus) varying in weight from 2,050 to 6,020 gin. The
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and not less than 6/60 with the right eye without glasses he will
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Captain, Canadian Army Medical Corps; Roentgenologist, Montreal
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to those around him, of venereal infection ; the mode of infection ;
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medical officers, such as Scrimger and Hart, as well as the different
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the start of the researches of Behring in the diphtheritic anti-
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Amer. Journ. Physiol., 1912, xxx, 129. 3. Li\ingston: Amer. Journ. Physiol, 1916,
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Captain Harold Dickson Courtenay is seconded for service with
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I used skiascopy for the refraction. Under the circumstances
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dent and Graduate Nurses and for those interested in the
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lish a number of schools for tuberculous children. Four years
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were hundreds of brilliant particles floating in the urine, which, on close
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