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hyroid ca.s(!s usually run an avc^rage of plus .'jO p(>r (HMit. and may run

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A "total" or any lesser disability may be derived from differ-

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space is shut off, either in whole or in part, hydrocephalus results.

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most constant signs are cyanosis, dyspnoea, hj^jerpnoea, Cheyne-

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current Association year, shall, without prejudice to his liability

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the last twelve or fifteen years we have had a number of cases of

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"A copy of this resolution and the report of the Committee

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set of new plans, ten in all, for the mimicipal hospitals. The new

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in squalor and wretchedness between the slums of an American

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first to premise that, in no instance, can human penetration detect

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viz: salvarsan, and remedies of that character, is excessive, and

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the arteries were tied; the temporals, on the 1st April, the facials on the

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vantage; it may be misleading and harmful. Refinements of method

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to live in a goiterous neighbourhood, she should have treatment

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extremities, on and off for one year; partial paralysis of the right

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infections than we realize, it seems to me that in these cases the

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early settlers, by the very appropriate name of * sick wheat,' and

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the health officers and chnical teachers appointed by the govern-

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The institution is especially rich in facilities for the pro?ecution of anatomical studies. Subjecto

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and his power of recall of i<ieas. 'that the test is largely dependent

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or of both these glands. In forty-.sevcii cases whore he has found

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tached friend of that illustrious man, and whose mind, cast in the same

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cases the discharge is augmented to a remarkable degree. A very

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The relationship of adenomata to clinical symptoms has,

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foreign substance may remain between inlay and woimd. In con-

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velopments that would greatly have surprised the surgeons of only

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from personal examination he condemns, as every maa of sense and hon-

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wards ; a strong ligature, passed through the posterior edge of the wound,

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coccus indicates that a ' protein sparing ' action occurs in media containing

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UHually the chho., this man says he is unable to wear the lenses as

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our Canadian Government has given the C.A.M.C. a sum of money

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